About Us

Being part of The Tasting Bench is all about discovering your new favourite wine.   

Like all wine lovers, we are all about the enjoyment of discovering a favourite new winery, region or variety to add to our collection.  But as importantly, we chase that magic that happens when a special bottle is opened, poured and shared with friends, and the lifelong memories which are borne from that special wine experience.

I've spent 20 years working as a sommelier and managing winery cellar doors, being fortunate to serve some of Australia's greatest wines to all types of people.  Every time I served a bottle of wine, there was also story of the vintage, the vineyard or the winery to share - and there is a great story behind every wine waiting to be told.  

But when I looked back at the most memorable of all the wine experiences I had been part of, I realised it wasn't just the retelling of those wine stories which made these events so special. 

Sure the wine was a vital part, and often the reason for the occasion.  But once I opened the bottle and poured the glasses, the story of that wine changed, and a new story emerged - it was now about the people who enjoyed it.

Weddings, reunions, celebrations and more - as each occasion was cheered with a clink of glasses, new memories developed as the wine was shared, which in turn became a new story to share about that bottle of wine.

Michael van der Sommen


So that what I mean when we say The Tasting Bench is about finding your new favourite wine.  Your favourite wine doesn't have to be the most expensive or most awarded wine, but a wine you love to share.  Because every time you do, there is a great story to tell.  Your story. 

At The Tasting Bench, we hold fun and interesting wine events for our members to enjoy, we curate seasonal tasting pack of fine wine worth giving, sharing or celebrating with, and range quality wine accessories to help them get the most out of your wine enjoyment at home.  

Join The Tasting Bench today, and discover your new favourite wine.