Corporate Events: Themed Wine Dinners

Are you looking for the perfect way to engage with clients or build a team?

We have a number of great options for businesses looking fun, entertaining and educational food and wine options. We host the dinner, pour the wine, act as games master, sommelier, judge & jury, and keep the party moving to make sure everyone is having fun.

A Tasting Bench Wine Themed Dinner is the perfect way to get your colleagues or clients engaged and entertained over a memorable evening of fun food and wine, all based around a wine theme over a three course meal. Held at one of Adelaide's favourite restaurants, our fully hosted dinner parties are just like the dinner parties of old- a relaxed way for friends to get together over a shared meal.

But instead of reaching for a pack of playing cards to get the conversation started, we incorporate some simple, fun and interactive wine games to break the ice and get everyone participating.

If you are looking to get the team together, or searching for a way to entertain clients, get in touch with us for ideas like this and more at

Tasting Bench Themed Wine Dinners